Advice that will allow you to find the perfect candidate or get the perfect job.

EmployersTo help us find you the best candidate, we always suggest the following:

  • Produce a clear job spec with what you are looking for the candidate to do and the background and skills you want them to have
  • Create a list which states the absolute essentials that you want the candidate to have
  • For a successful placement, it's not just about the skills, it's often about the applicants personality matching your company culture so state the type of person you want, ie relaxed personality or assertive personality
  • Give a clear time on when you are looking to recruit and organise interviews
  • Provide feedback on the CV's you receive, we won't send you many so as to give you the time to read them and provide better feedback inorder for us to improve our matching
  • Whereever possible provide a twelve month recruitment plan for us so that we can organise our resources to cover all of those vacancies with applicants through the year.
EmployeesTo help us find you the right job please do the following:

  • Always state the salary you are looking for and what your present salary is
  • Indicate what time is a good time to call you, we are available to call you from 9am to 8pm
  • State the types of vacancies and locations you are looking.
  • Indicate why you are looking to leave your present job, employers are always interested and it can save valuable time.
  • If you need any help with writing your CV, email or call us and we will guide you, the basic principles we use are for your present and previous roles to include, Job Title, Dates of employment, Employer's name and your duties and a paragraph about your achievements in that role.
  • Never be afraid to call us if you don't hear from us or want any news on a vacancy you have applied to, it shows us how keen you are and allows us to keep you updated if feedback is taking longer than anticipated.
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